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Engineering Technologies - maintenance-free handrail and structural systems

Engineering Technologies is the market leader in maintenance-free handrail and structural systems in Australia and New Zealand.

Engineering Technologies market the handrail and structural systems under the Hollaender registered brand name of Speed-Rail®.

The Speed-Rail® modular railing system consists of tube joined mechanically by slip-on structural pipe fittings.
The slip-on fittings are manufactured from high-strength low-weight aluminium-magnesium alloy 535 and are secured to the tubes with stainless steel socket knurled cup point set screws.

Construction is simple, immediate and can be carried out on site, giving substantial savings in time and transport costs, over systems that are factory built.

Fittings and tube can be supplied in self colour (mill finish), anodised or polyester powder coat to any of over 100 colours.

Differentiating features
• Instant structures
• No welding
• No drilling
• No bolting
• No adhesives
• Low overall install cost
• Speediest installation time
• Low corrosion = low maintenance
• Speed-Rail®: the industrial chic look

• Handrails
• Handrails for the disabled
• Waste water treatment sites
• Petrochemical and offshore platforms
• Ships and boats
• Structures (both permanent and temporary)
• Playground structures
• Store fixtures, racks and displays

We stock large quantities of fittings and aluminium tubes.

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